Dictonary Resource

Grove, P. B. (Ed.). (1993). Webster’s third new international unabridged
dictionary. Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster.

Beekeeping (n): the branch of agriculture concerned with the production of and caring for bees and honey: apiculture.

I chose this resource for a couple reasons. Practically, it was the only unabridged dictionary I could get my hands on. I appreciate how unabridged dictionaries use complete words, so I don’t find myself confused by abbreviations used in a definition. In this definition it also gave me a scientific word to also use in my searching, which is helpful in this topic and could be invaluable when working with topics I am even less familiar with.
There is also something quite satisfying in hauling open such a large volume as an unabridged dictionary. In the world of so much electronic information, this is a simple pleasure.