Book: Natural beekeeping: Organic approaches to modern apiculture

Conrad, R. (2007). Natural beekeeping: Organic approaches to modern apiculture. White River Junction, VT: Chelse Green Publishing.

This book is both for the experienced and beginning bee keeper looking for ways to practice integrated pest management or organic bee keeping. Detailed plans for various mite controls are shared with pictures and diagrams. Information of how to repair and improve premade bee keeping equipment is given.

Chapter topics include: Why organic beekeeping; working with the hive; hive management; genetics and breeding; parasitic mites; other insect pests; four legged and feathered pests; environmental and human threats; hive diseases; the honey harvest; organics and the evolution of bee keeping; afterward (which discusses colony collapse disorder).

Features include:
· Photographs
· Diagrams
· Glossary
· Resources
· Index