Book: Hive Management: A Seasonal Guide for Beekeepers

Bonney, R.E. (1990). Hive management: A seasonal guide for beekeepers. Pownal, VT:Storey Communications.

This book explains what to expect in a year of bee keeping, grouped by the seasons. The largest emphasize is on the spring season of getting ready for the nectar flow. There are photographs of hives in distress, which would be useful for any beekeeper trying to answer the question “What am I looking for if I think the bees are sick?”.
There is also a chapter issue related to swarming. What to look for, why it happens, what to do about it and how to capture them. Photographs are included, which may also be helpful to any beekeeper facing a swarm.

· Index
· Appendix
o Disease, mites, Africanized bees
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