Welcome to a Bee Keeping Pathfinder

This resource is for a beginning bee keeper who would like to find resources (books, websites, suppliers) for their hives.
If you visit your local library, you may find many of the same books available or perhaps new ones. Some subject searches that may lead you to good results in a public library are: bee keeping, honey, honey production, honeybee and bee culture.

While the bee is one of the most studied insects in the world, this pathfinder is focused on bee keeping, rather than more technical or scientific information.
There are many important issues that are facing bees currently, so it may be important to visit many of the websites to see what the latest information is or what local issues are happening in your area.

To navigate this site, each item is tagged by the type of resource it is (i.e.: websites). The list is on the right hand column. For example, if you are looking for just books, click on that tag and only the books will be listed.

I welcome your comments! Are there resources that were helpful to you? Others not as much? Do you have a suggestion for something to add? Leave a comment and I'll look into it.